What’s on the Schedule

Our schedule of events and activities will evolve gradually as our plans are made and confirmed.  We do have so much planned for the week, we will update the specifics frequently. We will be working to schedule group meals whenever possible.  The hotel is providing breakfast for our AMPA guests Saturday morning, a perfect way to start the day and connect with friends.

The group activities are optional. There is absolultely no obligation to join us on any activity. We would love to spend time with you though. The activities have been coordinated to allow all members of the group to join together in a structured activity so nobody is left out. This is where we will make new lifelong friendships beyond the Facebook community! Even if you don’t enjoy the specific activity, you are sure to enjoy the company. 

In addition to our group schedule of activities, there are countless other activities and areas to enjoy locally. We have left room in the schedule daily for individuals or groups to enjoy anything of interest.  Be sure to join our Facebook group AMPA Mini Pig Events and turn on ALL notifications to stay connect with the attending group.