January 11-13th, 2019 Iowa Home & Pet Event

Join us in Des Moines at the Iowa Home & Pet Show, January 11-13th, 2019 at the Iowa State Fairgrounds.  We are proud to be presenting facts about owning and caring for mini pigs as pets, the dangerous of early weaning, the importance of spay/neuter, and the importance of choosing a responsible breeder or rescue.  We will be dispelling the myth of the teacup/micro pigs, while showing the truth about mini pig sizes with our variety of mini pig event volunteers.  

Harness your pig and come by for an AMPA goodie bag featuring samples from Sharp’s Mini Pig Food, educational coloring pages, stickers, and temporary tattoos for the kids.  We plan to have a obstacle course and trick demonstrations throughout the day.  Get your picture taken with a mini pig while helping to raise funds for more educational opportunities.  There will be low cost microchips available, as well as AMPA books, training gear, and more!

 Learn more about mini pig rescues and how you can help.  Meet the team from Sonnyboy Animal Sanctuary and ask about their pigs looking for sponsorship and adoption.  Bring donations for their many mini pig residents; blankets, gift cards, food, treats, etc.

Would you like to volunteer with us?  Please stop by and make yourself part of the AMPA team.  We will have special gifts for all of our mini pig ambassadors.  

You can download the AMPA Ambassador Packet to get the information you need to attend a local event in your area.  Everything you need to educate is included.