Over 7,000 visitors enjoyed learning the truth about mini pigs and the trails and tribulations of ownership.  Miss Abby, AMPA certified therapy pet was gracious enough to show audiences what a mature pig looks like.  Miss Eevee, a Charming Mini Pig preformed tricks and posed with visitors for our fundraising photo booth.  Her shrieks of joy were heard throughout the event teaching people that pigs really do have a voice as loud as a jet engine!



Join us at the AMPA educational booth at the Great KC Pet Expo in Overland Park. We will be educating on the realities of mini pig ownership, the myth of the teacup, micro pig, the truth about sizing, the importance of spay/neuter, the dangers of early weaning, and so much more. We will have free gift bags for every guest, educational coloring pages, stickers, temp tattoos for the kids.

You are invited to bring your mini pig and we will have a special mini pig guest for our visitors to meet. The team from Oinking Acres will be there and you can meet some of their adoptable pigs. Take a moment to join their sponsorship program. Bring donations, pumpkins, blankets, enrichment toys, etc. for some pigs in need in Missouri. Come by to volunteer or just say hi and grab a gift bag stuffed full of AMPA goodies and samples from Sharp’s Mini Pig Food. This event will make a huge impact for mini pigs in Missouri!

Download the AMPA Ambassador packet to get the information needed to attend a local event.  Everything you need to educate you community is included.